Curious about Metaphysics and Christianity?  Look no further, you have arrived at the safe place to ask all the questions you've wanted.

Welcome. I'm glad you're here.

To get started, I am excited to offer you my free guide below on how to discover your metaphysical gifts as a Christian in 3 easy steps.

Empowering Jesus Followers to Claim their Metaphysical Gifts, One Chakra at a Time

Welcome to the site of Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine


Let me ask you ... what brought you here? I empower Jesus followers to claim their metaphysical gifts, one chakra at a time.


Does that sound like it may fill a hole that has been gathering in your soul?


Maybe you are seeking answers to lifelong questions that you have not yet dared ask, especially about metaphysics and Christianity. Maybe you have even been told that you are demonic or have been kicked out of your church. Or perhaps you are curious and longing deeply to know what your gifts are so that you can live purposefully in the world.

Whatever brought you here, I'm glad you're here.

Do you feel that energy buzzing inside you? That's the Holy Spirit nudging you along. 

Check out all the offerings around here. To the right are a few free gifts to get you started. 

In "The Academy" is a wealth of opportunities when you are ready so that you can start living the fullest life possible.

When you're really ready to have the breakthroughs you deserve, book a breakthrough call with me -- maybe we are a good fit for working together.

In the meantime, find ways to nourish yourself so that you can live fully in your Christian legacy.

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