Anti-Racism: Justice and the People of God

Our world is currently experiencing the anger and rage that is spilled over from the sin of racism. 

Fair warning, the material below is only for those who are courageous enough to enter into a brave space and do the work of self-reflection and self-compassion -- both key for doing the critical work of disrupting and transforming racism.

This page has two aims:

1) Self-Care for the journey.

The work to change the world requires resiliency and lots and lots of self-care. 


Yes, metaphysical practices WILL help you. They let us know where trauma is stuck and help us process it at a deep level. If you are a person of color and have arrived here, I deeply honor your journey.  It is my best effort to provide you with resources that will contribute to your journey. (As a white woman, I sometimes miss the mark). My commitment to you is to invite you to tell your story *as you wish* but not to demand that you tell it or do emotional labor for anyone else.

2) Education, especially for white people (but everyone is welcome)

Education about anti-racism means a few things.

a) The ability to do deep self-work and enter into a period of self-reflection

b) The willingness to believe people, even if you don't "get" it

c) Not asking anyone else to do your homework for you

d) Being willing to process energy (using metaphysical and other spiritual practices) to aid you

If you're white, then it is especially important that you