Enter my Giveaway (Ends October 3)

Hey beautiful group! Yesterday I told you about the debut of the new podcast, Soul Savvy Business. I could not be more excited. Would you like to be part of a CONTEST with the podcast? Everyone who enters is going to be eligible to win some one of the following (you get to choose your […]

Wait, what about witchcraft, sorcery, metaphysics and the Bible?

This meme comes up allllll the time — warning you against witchcraft, sorcery, transcedental meditation, yoga, crystals, tarot. It might as well warn you against breathing — oh wait, it does! I break it ALL DOWN HERE. Discover your power in interpreting the Bible from a different point of view. Break out your crystals, and […]

Mercury Retrograde Kicking your Ass?

Oh. My. Goodness. If you’ve been feeling wonky, off, and your electronics have gone haywire, don’t worry. It’s not you. It’s Mercury Retrograde. This Mercury Retrograde is kicking my ass. In a good, loving, ha-ha kind of way but seriously kicking my ass. This video explains what Mercury Retrograde is and how to survive — […]

I’m pretty sure Jesus Backs the Divine Feminine

It’s here! Today is the final day to enroll in the Awaken to Your Divine Feminine mini- course at the sliding scale rate. I’m super jazzed. It’s time for Jesus followers to BE the leaders in this area. The days when we are required to see God as all male, judgmental, and strict are fading. […]

The Divine Feminine Experience Starts Soon

You’ve been receiving a TON about the DIVINE FEMININE this week. I truly hope it’s been helpful. I have a little invitation for you. Have you ever tried calling God “She”? If not, why not give it a try now and see how it feels? (This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to call God “He.” It’s […]

Love your Neighbor as Yourself (it’s more than you think)

Rev. Dr. Katy here, speaking a bit more about the Divine Feminine – a favorite topic of mine right now! One of the MOST BEAUTIFUL parts of the Divine Feminine for Jesus followers is SELF-LOVE. This may be something you struggle with. A lot of people do. Unfortunately, a lot of what some Christians preach […]

Let’s get specific about the Divine Feminine

When we embrace the Divine Feminine, we let go of the need to control. We embrace more self-love. Who doesn’t need more of that? You may be asking “How EXACTLY does this relate to Christianity?”  That’s what this email is all about. The truth is that the Divine Feminine has always been part of the […]

Is the Divine Feminine Part of the Christian Story?

If you’re in The Metaphysical Christian FB group, you’ve heard quite a bit about The Divine Feminine lately. This statement is a little controversial but also non-partisan. Stick with me. The United States Supreme Court recently ruled that the Roe v. Wade no longer held. This meant that individual states decide about abortion access. This […]

How Mother Mary can help you receive the love and nurture you deserve

Are you someone who always does a ton for others but doesn’t let yourself be cared for? I bet a LOT of hands are raised. This is ESPECIALLY rampant for Christians — do unto others and all of that. But when we give TOO much, we’re not in balance. It is important — critical even […]

How a Spiritual Habit will Help Your Metaphysical Journey

We all have habits! Whether they are good habits (working out) or less desirable habits (smoking), a habit forms a PATTERN in our life. A pattern is nothing less than an ENERGY. In this video, I’ll talk to you about TWO habits I’ve noticed in the past two days. SPIRITUAL habits can be LIFE SAVING. […]