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Welcome to The Metaphysical Christian Academy. The Academy teaches Christians to live full and rich lives through metaphysical practices as part of their faith journey.  The founder, Rev. Dr. Katy Valentine, has rich experience teaching in universities and seminaries and pastoral experiences in churches. 

In this Academy, you get the best of both worlds, facilitating YOUR learning, growth, and transformation. The Academy is for "regular" people of faith who want to grow their relationship with Christ outside of the usual church box. We have a great time together and form a tribe of like minded people.

From meditation to spiritual direction to chakra healing and rich Biblical study, the Academy has it all.  

We have two "wings" of The Academy. The first wing is courses, where you can learn, grow and practice your faith journey with like minded people. This is the cornerstone of the Academy -- offering a save haven for Christians to learn about their faith safely and with enthusiasm. The second wing is offerings and practices, where you can receive healings and energetic readings from trusted Academy graduates or from the founder, Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine.


Questions about what the Academy has to offer? Send us an email!

Free Guides

Download these free guides to get started on your spiritual journey right away!

1) How to Discover Your Metaphysical Christian Gifts in 3 Easy Steps (click here)

2) Meditation for Christians Guide (click here)

Tuition Based Courses

Courses offer an intense but quick way for you to jump start your knowledge and integrate it into your daily Christian life. If you are feeling conflicted about how to proceed with metaphysics as a Christians, definitely take a look and start here!

Meditation for Busy Christiansa three week guide to meditation as a Christian. Whether you have never meditated or you are refreshing after time away from the practice, this course is for you. We focus on meditation in short bursts and crating a powerful space in your life for the Holy Spirit to enter deeply. You begin this course anytime and jump start your meditation today. Click here to see testimonials and read the full description.

Astrology for Christians, a four week self-paced adventure!  You will discover that astrology and Christianity DO complement each other -- not only complement each other but actually are woven together.  We'll start with the magi in the Gospel of Matthew and continue through Christian history with practical tools for starting to incorporate astrological insights into your own life. Buckle up! Right now we are collecting emails of those who will be interested (no obligation, just get on the list to get updates!) for a start date in Spring 2019.  Click here to get on the email list!

Connect and Awaken, a three week short course to connect to your inner spirit and awaken your metaphysical gifts. You will encounter the metaphysical world in profound ways. Coming soon!

Awakening and Transformation, a 10 week course that teaches dedicated Christians the full spectrum of the metaphysical world and how to integrate it into their daily faith journeys. This is for the complete beginner to metaphysics and for the person who has been a practitioner for a while but is confused about how it fits into their faith life.  This course comes with 1-1 coaching calls with Rev. Dr. Katy, a ready made tribe of learners, plus much, much more. Check out our testimonials here. Many of the graduates go on to discover their gifts and then offer them to the wider Metaphysical Christian community. Could you be one? Find out more here. Participants are determined through an interview process to ensure that they are a good vibrational match for program. Set up your interview by emailing us today.

Personal Readings 

Starting with a reading is a good way to get your feet wet! These readings are COLLABORATIVE between your reader and yourself. We believe that good questions get good answers, and digging deep with the guidance of the Holy Spirit is essential. We'd love to book you for these readings today!

Astrological Natal Chart, a beautiful chance to learn about your natal chart. The session includes the prep time, your 30 minute consultation (we may go over by a few minutes!), a recording of the call/video, AND a follow up 15 minutes with any questions that you have. The focus will be an overview of your life journey and trends that you may see, plus how to live into your Christian mission and vocation through your chart!  $50 total

Angel Card Readingan opportunity to ask a question that is on your heart and see law of attraction in action within a Christian context!  Each session is 30 minutes and includes a guaranteed three cards (and perhaps more depending on the situation and what is needed), plus a recording of the call and a follow up email a week later to see how the cards have in effect. $50 total

Combined Natal Chart / Angel Card Readingget the benefit of both your natal chart and an angel card reading -- a powerful combination to focus on the breadth of your life and a particular moment in time right now. $80 total