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Ready to be Transformed?

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Are you ready to experience spiritual healing and personal revolution?

I am passionate about spiritual transformation for individuals. In fact, as a minister of Jesus Christ, I believe and know that transformation is possible – but only with your hard work. Are you experiencing any of the following?​

  • Feeling spiritually “stuck” or that you’re constantly in the same place but nothing ever changes?

  • You know you love Jesus but maybe you have had some negative experiences with churches or even other Christians?

  • Experiencing some guilt or shame for not having it all figured out as a Christian? For even thinking about chakras?

  • Not sure where to turn for resources or guidance?

  • Love Jesus AND you also want to explore avenues of spiritual healing like chakra alignment and energy work?

  • Feeling sad or maybe depressed and you suspect that spiritual mis-alignment may be part of the cause?

If any of the symptoms above fit you, we can work on releasing that energy and embracing the risen and transformational Christ. With the help of a spiritual coach, you CAN shift those areas so that you can reclaim your life and create a new future.​

Prior to our working together, I’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire so that I can have a good idea of what problems you are facing and what areas of growth you would like to see in your spiritual life. And if you are not quite sure exactly what you want to work on together, don’t worry – we can figure that out together.​​​

The sessions I hold will be custom-tailored to your needs determined by the questionnaire and our initial conversation together. Some possibilities that we may include in our session together include traditional Christian practices such as prayer, silence, labyrinths, Bible study. We may also explore metaphysical practices such as angel card readings, chakra attunement and alignment, sound healing, guided meditations and manifestation plus angel/spirit connection. If you require specific teaching sessions on a subject, I can provide that as well. Clients can request healing sessions, and these work very well long distance. I work very intuitively, and always in conversation with you and your journey. I will support your journey using all the tools that are

available to us.

Once I have a good idea if I can be of the highest assistance to you in your transformation, we can begin work together. If for any reason I am not a good fit, I will gladly refer you to someone who I believe can meet your needs. I require a minimum of three sessions together in order to accomplish your transformation. Why is this? Mostly because transformation takes time and dedication. Fewer than three sessions means that you run the risk of entering the fray but not coming out the other side with new tools to ensure that you are indeed a new creation.

Are you ready to experience transformation? Click here and find out more.

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