• Rev. Dr. Katy

Not Quite Daily Lent, Day 3

We are on day 3 of our Lenten journey together. Today I offer this "touchstone" for you as you journey down this road toward Easter.

It is tempting to be consumed by the news out there today. The news was hard this week. I am tempted to turn a blind eye and say "not my problem". Lent reminds us of Jesus' own temptation in the desert. In his stillness and meditation, Jesus was invited to ponder the hurts of the world, to feel them. His ministry after his time in the desert addressed those hurts of the world. Today, where can you find stillness and let the desert around you, no matter where you live, restore you? It happens without the electronics and by letting our thoughts be secondary to our *being* still. This also cultivates our metaphysical brains and spirits for the long time of the desert. May peace settle on your soul today even while the the troubles of the world prick your heart.


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