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Not Quite Daily Lent, Day 12

Good morning everyone! Here is our Daily Lent for the day today.

I am reading intensely about the Soul in ancient writings this week. Not surprisingly, lots of different views about the Soul emerged over the writing of the Bible and various interpretations over the centuries following. In our human experiences, there is much we can't know -- and that is OK! We are here to have a human experience and to soak in all that our lives have to offer us and to learn important lessons. Jesus in the desert for 40 days had the very human experiences of hunger, temptation, stillness, and, I imagine, frustration and even boredom. On Day 12 of your Lenten journey, where is your soul? Your soul depends on your body right now to nourish it. How are you nourishing both today? You might be experiencing the common things of hunger or temptation or boredom, or maybe even joy and lightness of being. Whatever experiences you are having today, relish them as part of your human learning and journey.

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