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How do I respond when someone asks me if I'm a "real" Christian?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Are you a Metaphysical Christian who is also struggling with how to explain yourself to others? You cringe when you see another fellow Christian raise eyebrows and say, “You believe in Chakras? I thought you were a Christian…” You: fear, twitching, stammering and ultimately uncomfortable silence. Sound familiar?

This is understandable. I’ve been there. Blessedly, now I have the language to use to speak to others about my experiences AND I maintain a high vibration (most of the time!) that enables me to tune into others to see what their needs are.

Words + High Vibrational Energy is the name of the game here.

Let me say that in another way. You DO need to have your words together and a good answer for how you seamlessly fit together your metaphysical life as PART of your Christian experience and identity. But here is a little secret: when someone asks you a question, it is rarely about you – it’s usually about that person and their own box and how they see God.

See the difference?

When you can shift your energy in such a way that you can speak your truth in a language that makes sense to others (without lying!), then it won’t matter so much what their opinion of you is. Even if the person is a family member.

The way you hold these conversations will also be telling. If you can be solid in your own statements without anger, rancor, frustration or argument, this will speak LOUDLY. Having your facts and theology present is crucial. But holding yourself SUPER HIGH vibrationally is actually the most important thing you can do.

Has this happened to you? Do you struggle with your own knowledge or lack of knowledge about how to explain yourself? Do you find yourself getting frustrated or angry and it’s hard to hold a conversation? Until you can master all three of these things, your spiritual life will continue to get stuck and that sinking feeling in your stomach won’t go away.

Comment below and let’s see about moving forward.


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