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Meditation for Christians

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Can Christians meditate? SHOULD Christians meditate?

These are questions I hear a lot. Christians are super comfortable with prayer (even when they're not

sure exactly how to pray), but meditation can bring about feelings of uncomfortableness combined with curiosity.

I used to think that meditation was an equivalent to prayer. Since I was a Christian, then why meditate? I prayed (ummmm.....even when I wasn't actively praying .... but that's another blog post!).

Meditation literally fell into my lap from two places around the same time around 10 years ago. The first was in a 6 week class for depression (let's take away the stigma of depression!). The instructor encouraged us to meditate, citing the scientific reasons why it helps the brain, especially when mildly depressed.

Interestingly, I took the course after my depression was over, but the meditation part really stuck. It did not turn me into a regular meditator, but it sure did pique my interest.

Then I noticed the emails and notifications at a local college where I was teaching that invited everyone to a twice weekly meditation, led by a Catholic monk. I felt that tingle of "ooooh, Katy, get your booty to that meditation session at least once a week", and I promptly said "yes and thank you!" to the Holy Spirit and did exactly as she prompted.

It was the best decision ever.

I learned to meditate.

Every time I meditate, I surrender to the possibility that the Holy Spirit can enter my life in radical new ways. Plus, I lower my blood pressure and heart rate :)

Meditation is Christian. Want to learn for yourself? I have provided a free guide for you that explains the ins and outs of meditation and how it is 100% compatible with Christianity, plus a mini guide for getting a meditation practice started for yourself. It is a comprehensive guide and will get you started on this journey.

Access it here now! http://bit.ly/2RzCngS

Enjoy! I'd love to know what you think about it.

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