• Rev. Dr. Katy

Use this New Moon to Release Your Fears

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Do you have that deep, yearning fear that makes your heart rate and your belly sink...? I got a low grade message all day long that fear is on your mind and in your body....and it's time to release it with this new moon. Let's do it.

Links for you -- on Meditation (you NEED this one): http://bit.ly/2OupyTg

And email me when you are ready to embrace your gifts 100%: katy@katyvalentine.com

Are you ready to jump start your spiritual life and embrace metaphysics as part of your daily faith journey? Apply for membership in my FB group of almost 4,000 beautiful souls, The Metaphysical Christian, today: http://bit.ly/2CvO4RR

By the way, you are watching one of the EARLY videos made by Rev. Dr. Katy! A lot has changed since then, including the name of her Facebook group. But these videos continue to be helpful for seeking Christians, so we are keeping them exactly where they are for now. If you hear an old name or invitation, just go with the flow, and THIS link will take you exactly where you need to go: http://bit.ly/2CvO4RR

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