• Rev. Dr. Katy

Meditation Surprise

This morning, just as I was about to get up and refill my mug of tea, my dog jumped on my lap and snuggled. It was the kind of snuggle that said, "Please, please, please don't get up yet." I knew this was my cue to gently meditate instead. The tea would still be there in a few minutes.

I did.

I gently closed my eyes. I didn't time myself, but I can't imagine that I meditated for longer than two minutes. My dog loves being in my lap when I meditate, and it calms him down too (a huge side perk of meditation!).

Within a few seconds, I was filled with overwhelming love. This love is the beautiful, non-judgmental, filling your heart kind of love that gives me pause for the grace extended to me. I am invited to extend this same grace to others.

I was filled with overwhelming love for you! No matter who you are, reading this post, I held you in the brief space of my meditation. God reminds us that we are deeply and wildly loved beyond our imaginations.

Is EVERY meditation so awe-inspiring? Yes, because every other meditation led me to this one.

Practice is what cultivates these glimpses into eternity. All in the space of a few breaths the lick of a dog.

My free gift to you is this meditation guide. Blessings. http://bit.ly/2RzCngS


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