• Rev. Dr. Katy

How do I get started as a beginner?

Where do you get started as a metaphysical Christian? Yep, it's a weird world out there .... many Christians don't get metaphysics, and many metaphysical communities remain in the space of not getting Jesus and (sometimes) operating out of a LOT of ego.

Tapping into your deep, authentic self is the only way to go. My suggestion for everyone is to begin with your intuition and build out from there, creating a vibrant world inside and out.

For those who ARE interested in the pilot program, remaining open through the end of the month at its current level, be sure to reach out to me and I'll get you the information at katy AT katyvalentine DOT com

Just in case you are not yet a member of the awesome Facebook community, The Metaphysical Christian, you can apply for membership today!

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