Awakening & Transformation Program 

The Awakening and Transformation: A New Creation is a dynamic program created by Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine. This program shows Christians how to integrate metaphysics into their daily faith lives so that they can move forward in joy without fear or guilt. It is Katy's life calling to facilitate this opportunity for Christians, and she loves seeing people step into their FULL power to make a big impact on the world.


The top 5 (among many more) takeaways for participants in this program are:

  • Let go of fear and guilt so that they can approach the metaphysical world with great joy and curiosity

  • Discover how to live as an empath so that they are not drained all the time -- and are even energized by interactions with others

  • Tap into their intuition at a deep level so that they trust it 100% and feel radical peace

  • Dive deep into their soul journey so that they are thriving at the highest level available to them as children of God

  • Discern and deepen their sense of life purpose so that they can impact the world positively and with impact


Does this sound like a program that you would shift you into a place of radical faith as a follower of Jesus Christ? If you long to have the same results as my amazing clients, then I have a beautiful, FREE training for you to begin this process. Just click here to get started today.

Keshia joined the Awakening and Transformation program in a place of uncertainty and a bit lost in her identity ... and quickly within a few weeks, she EMERGED as the Keshia that was always inside of her. Keshia began manifesting quickly -- and impressively -- and she became spiritually awakened while parenting 4 kids under the age of 10 at home.


It has been AMAZING to work with Keshia, and you'll love her enthusiasm, awakening story, and beautiful energy.

Kimberly joined the Awakening and Transformation program not sure of WHAT her gifts were or how to use them in service. Plus, she was overwhelmed with being an empath and constantly feeling the feelings of others, especially since she works in an industry that involves lots of hands-on contact.

Bridget joined the Awakening & Transformation program and made IMMEDIATE strides in tapping deeply into her intuition. She soared upwards in tapping into her gifts and has started using them in service to others. Meet Bridget and hear her story here!

Meet Heidi, just 2/3 of the way through the Awakening and Transformation program, and making INCREDIBLE strides in her metaphysical Christian life. ​

She shares how she found an anchor for exploring metaphysics, and her #1 takeaway so far. We will hear from her AGAIN when she has completed the program.

Denise had an AMAZING journey in the Awakening and Transformation 10 week program -- but don't take my word for it!  Watch her journey here.  Denise explains about how she went from knowing nothing about metaphysics to becoming a chakra healer, confirming her life purpose, and shifting her energy to a place of total integration as a Christian who practices metaphysics.

"Jesus, Crystals, and High Vibrations!"


Jana came into the Awakening and Transformation program as someone interested but fearful of exploring metaphysics because of her love of Jesus. Now she KNOWS and EMBRACES metaphysics AS a dedicated Christian. I love seeing her transformation!! See her speak here about integrating into WHOLENESS in just ten weeks, and the continued impact on her daily life. I couldn't be happier for her!

Lara and Gregg are in the Awakening & Transformation Program, and just 1 week into the material, they are experiencing all sorts of synchronicities! It's amazing. They had this message for me in one of our calls, and I was very touched -- I asked them if I could share and they said "yes"! This is a toast to AMAZING transformations.

What is the biggest impact the program has on your daily life?

Awareness, more clarity, centering, grounding, the gift of the others...that I have stuck with it and completed this part of the journey. When I would say that I'm such a beginner you would redirect that thought to the progress and the direction of the journey. Being aware what I have learned, what I do know and experience and being grateful...

-Linda A., amazing alum of the program!

Heidi graduated from the Awakening and Transformation Program, and she is doing SUCH amazing things now as an intuitive and animal communicator. She went from a place of exhaustion and struggle about her Christian journey with metaphysics to a place of thriving as a strong intuitive with compassion and gentleness!


Heidi shares so many wonderful gems of wisdom in this of my favorites is when Heidi says that the tools have become second nature to her. YES!! That makes for a life of flow and Spirit and connection!


Stick around to the very end, because Heidi's last sentence makes my heart so full .... it's what I wish for EVERYONE. Could this program be calling to your soul? Find out in a complimentary call with me where we explore the possibilities of your life: